[Rd] weighted data (PR#7181)

hoefler at mpipsykl.mpg.de hoefler at mpipsykl.mpg.de
Mon Aug 16 17:15:20 CEST 2004

dear ladies and gentlemen,

i am currently working on the revised version of a paper entitled
"on the use of statistical weights to account for non-participation".

a reviewer suggested to provide a section on statistical
procedures that handle weighted data adequatly.
unfortunately, i did not find the information in the internet which
R procedures there are that handle weighted data with valid
confidence intervals, e.g. via the sandwich estimator.

which procedures allow to specify a weight variable?

can bootstrapping and the jackknife resampling be combined with
regression procedures that allow to specify a weight?

thanks a lot in advance,

kind regards,
michael hoefler

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