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Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri May 7 01:15:57 CEST 2004

Ben Bolker <bolker at zoo.ufl.edu> writes:

>   I'm very excited by the new mle package now incorporated in stats4.  If 
> possible, I'd like to help develop it.  In the past I wrote a similar 
> package (mleprof, available from http://www.zoo.ufl.edu/bolker/R/src), and 
> would like to see if there's anything that my package does that I could 
> contribute (in particular, I'd like to make sure that the code is as 
> robust as possible in constructing profiles and finding confidence 
> limits); I also have opinions about some of the defaults, and I can 
> certainly help test it ...
>   I don't know who the primary developer is beyond "R-core" ... if 
> whoever's working on it would like to take me up on the offer, can you let 
> me know?

Well, I wrote the core bits, but stealing heavily from the glm and nls
profilers (by Bill Venables and Doug Bates, I believe) and Brian
Ripley did quite a bit of stabilizing of the code between the 1.8.x
and 1.9.0 releases. I'll be bogged down for at least another month,
but I might be able to get back to this some time in June. 

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