[Rd] * checking S3 generic/method consistency ... WARNING Error in .tryQuietly({

Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Sep 3 10:18:39 CEST 2004


In the R directory of the package I have several files. This is because i defined several classes and I like to store each class in separate file.
There is a inheritance defined between those classes.
eg calibrestat (defined in file calibrestat.R) extends (contains) calibstat (defined in file calibstat.R)

While running R CMD check on package I get the following platform (windows/linux) and version (2.0/1.9.1) idependent error.

* checking S3 generic/method consistency ... WARNING
Error in .tryQuietly({ : Error in methodsPackageMetaName("C", name) :
        The name of the object (e.g,. a class or generic function) to find in the meta-data must be a single string (got an object of class "NULL")

Was trying then to point it down and observed the following.
A) If I remove all files except calibstat.R where the superclass is defined * checking S3 generic/method consistency ... OK
B) If I append the content of calibrestat.R >> calibstat.R then * checking S3 generic/method consistency ... OK

So it seems the error are because R dont knows how to build the package - in which order to append the files.

My questions. 
0) Is it something totally different that I think?

1) Is there a way to tell R in which order to merge the files (build(?) the package)
 (eg. by naming the file a_calibstat.R - b_calibrestat.R - to indicicate in which order should they be loaded.) 
I think that this is solution with which I can live with. 

2) Is it intended to implement in future versions mechanisms which automatically will resolve the class dependencies?

3) Or have I to put all the classes in one file by hand and think about it as one of the many features by which R supports package development?


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