[Rd] R CMD check does not checks for superfluous documentation entries.

Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Sep 17 11:13:56 CEST 2004


Due to package maintenance I have removed some functions but forgot to update the coresponding Rd files. 
If R CMD check is checking for missing documentation entries why it does not check for documentation entries which tell the user about nonexisting funcitons?

In my opinion checking for documentation entries that document non-existing functions is much more important than the other way around.
To type by accident the name of an undocumented functions is not really a danger especially if it is not exported.
But to tell the user that there is a function if there are non ...

By looking on the tools::undoc function and at the check(.pl) file it seems to me that all info is available to output also 

all_doc_topics %w/o% code_objs 

Yours Eryk.

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