[Rd] Re: [R] installing on alpha (tru64)

M. Edward Borasky znmeb at aracnet.com
Mon Sep 27 09:17:58 CEST 2004

I have built R on Tru64 boxes using the following cheats:

1. Build Perl, make, binutils and gcc from source. I've forgotten the
exact order; I can look it up tomorrow at work if you really want it.
IIRC Perl builds just fine with the Tru64 toolset, but everything else
works better with a GNU toolset.

2. Put all of the GNU stuff and the new Perl at the head of your path
and build R. I used to have to turn off external BLAS to get it to work,
but it's been a while since I did this.

3. Build any extra libraries using the newly built R.

I made a few feeble attempts to get it to work using the native Tru64
tool set, but the main stumbling block was the unavailability of Fortran
(it costs extra) and the inability to get "f2c" to work. It turned out
to be easier to build Perl, make, binutils and gcc/g77 from scratch.

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