[Rd] Any plans for commenting out region via something like " /* */ "?

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 13:23:57 CET 2005

Thanks to Peter and Brian both for pointing out my second option.

For those wondering, I'm adapting a third party tool (hence no
integration with ESS, for which M-x comment-region works really much
better as of the last few releases), and working within a commented
region which could be contextually determined as "commented-out code"
would simplify the process.  The second option just needs a bit more
care (i.e. mapping
   "/*" = if(FALSE){
   "*/" = }
can be done if I'm careful.  Though it wasn't necessary that "/*" be
used, just something that was unambiguously identified.


"Commit early,commit often, and commit in a repository from which we can easily
roll-back your mistakes" (AJR, 4Jan05).

A.J. Rossini
blindglobe at gmail.com

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