[Rd] 2.1.0a for Macs (PR#7952)

jbaltzer@oeb.harvard.edu jbaltzer at oeb.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 16 23:30:19 CEST 2005

I am writing regarding serious problems that a number of 
researchers at a workshop held by the Smithsonian Tropical 
Research Institute are encountering with the most recent R 
version for Macs (the patched version of 2.1.0 (2.1.0a) that 
you indicate should be used over 2.1.0).

The following problems are not specific to my computer but are 
being experienced by ALL Mac users at this workshop running 
2.1.0a to varying degrees. I installed the program about a week 
ago and immediately I started getting a warning messages 
particularly when browsing my files using ls(), search(), gc(), 
etc.  2.1.0a automatically adds an open parentheses at the end 
of any command requiring () (only intermittently, however) and 
then generates a warning in red.  I am afraid that I do not 
have the warning because R no longer will open on my computer 
without reinstallation so I am forced to use a PC.  The same 
warning message has been posted by one other on the help email 
list.  More recently, R has begun to crash for no particular 
reason (no large program running).  Often when I then try to 
restart R 2.1.0a crashes during start up and in order to get it 
functioning again I have to reinstall!  The first time this 
happened I decided to go back to an earlier version of R that I 
knew would be stable but following binary compilation no gui is 
installed on my computer and I can't run the program.  The only 
version my computer can now install properly is 2.1.0a but as 
described above the problems with the program prohibit me from 
using it.

If you could please advise on how to deal with these problems 
(particularly the corruption of my system by 2.1.0a) all the 
Mac users at this conference would be appreciative.

Jennifer Baltzer

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