[Rd] package.skeleton

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Sat Mar 19 19:53:57 CET 2005

Thanks a lot, Jim,

yes, I can confirm the behavior;
clearly a bug in R-devel (only!)

Martin Maechler

>>>>> "JimMcD" == James MacDonald <jmacdon at med.umich.edu>
>>>>>     on Fri, 18 Mar 2005 13:28:18 -0500 writes:

    >> R.version.string
    JimMcD> [1] "R version 2.1.0, 2005-03-17"

    JimMcD> I don't see anything in either
    JimMcD> https://svn.r-project.org/R/trunk/NEWS or in the
    JimMcD> Changes file for R-2.1.0 about changes in
    JimMcD> package.skeleton() (nor in the help page), but when
    JimMcD> I run this function, all the .Rd files produced are
    JimMcD> of the data format even if all I have in my
    JimMcD> .GlobalEnv are functions.

    JimMcD> A trivial example is to run the examples from the
    JimMcD> package.skeleton() help page. I believe there should
    JimMcD> be two data type and two function type .Rd files,
    JimMcD> but instead they are all of the data type.

    JimMcD> Best,

    JimMcD> Jim

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