[Rd] Writing R documentation

Suzette Blanchard suzette at sdac.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 22 00:11:50 CET 2005


I used latex type code in my Rd files.

The pdf version using
R CMD Rd2dvi --output=PKtools.pdf --pdf --title="PKtools" PKtools man
came out quite nice.

However, my current HTML version does not tex the latex so there is
latex code in the files and looks bad.

example problem code:



\item NLME:
\item population level: identify(MM\$mm\$fitted[,1], MM\$pkdata\$conc)
\item individual level: identify(MM\$mm\$fitted[,2], MM\$pkdata\$conc)
\item NONMEM:
\item population level: identify(NM\$pred\$PRED, NM\$pred\$CONC)
\item individual level: identify(NM\$pred\$IPRE, NM\$pred\$CONC)
\item WinBUGS:
\item population level: identify(WB\$pred\$ppred, WB\$pred\$conc)
\item individual level: identify(WB\$pred\$ipred, WB\$pred\$conc)

Is there a way to fix this?

I tried Rdconv using --type=HTML but that did not work.

Any help you can send would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Suzette Blanchard, Ph.D.

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