[Rd] Wishlist: abs method for difftime

Stephen D. Weigand weigand.stephen at charter.net
Fri Dec 8 05:29:33 CET 2006

I am often taking the absolute value of a difftime object (after
coercing it to numeric) in order to see how far apart in time
two events are. For example, I might want to know if two events
occurred within 100 days of each other using something like

abs(difftime(Date1, Date2)) < 100

Below is a suggestion for an abs.difftime:

abs.difftime <- function(x)
               class = class(x),
               units = attr(x, "units"))

I think these changes to difftime.Rd would document this:

1) Add \alias{abs.difftime}

2) In the first paragraph of \details change

"There is a \code{\link{round}} method for objects of this class,
as well as..."


"There are \code{\link{round}} and \code{\link{abs}} methods for
objects of this class, as well as..."

Thanks for considering this,

Rochester, Minnesota, USA

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