[Rd] How to get DLL paths in a package?

jhallman at frb.gov jhallman at frb.gov
Fri Dec 8 15:35:24 CET 2006

I'm writing a package that I hope to make available on CRAN.  The
package interfaces to the FAME database via a .so file supplied by FAME,
which should be loaded in the package .onLoad() function.
Unfortunately, so far as I know, there is no standard location where
this .so file can always be found.  So I need to have some way for the
package installer to indicate where the file can be found. Also, FAME
needs stuff from either the Motif or LessTif library, so I have to make
sure that one of them can be found via the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (Just why
FAME needs this stuff when there's no user interface involved is a question
to be pondered for the ages.)

So I need a way for the package installer to supply the locations of the
FAME hli library (the .so file) and the location of the Motif/LessTif
library directory.  How should I do this?  I'd rather not assume that
either the installer or the package writer (me) know much about
autoconf.  Can I get away with a simple text file in the 'inst'
directory, or will CRAN reject my package if I do it that way?  


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