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stukes at gibbs-soell.com stukes at gibbs-soell.com
Fri Nov 3 10:07:35 CET 2006

Re: tip 181=20

V j MC a I

V l emic A g nnounces $9 M A q quisi p tion of Nus m crib v e Which
Brings Combined Technology To Change The Educational
And M v edica p l Industries!

Compan t y : Ve f mi e cs
Sy l mb e ol : V h MC b I
Status : Ho u t Technology Re c lea m se
P t ric k e : $ 0,6 h 0
5 Day T u arge r t: $ 1. u 80

What these two c n ompanie d s do is ama g zi v ng. V a MC f I p n rovi
y des
technology that allow w s its c c ustomer d s to have completely=20
interactive and l e ive educational and con h fer g encing solutions.
In connection with eL t earnin o g De p skt b op they already
providing comp q le o tely virtual e s ducationa q l programs and
through EP Liv k e Onlin e e they have h e oste w d a live and
interactive me k dic r al F m orum to the world.

N o uScrib d e o l ffer y s to over 600 y ,000 m y edic n al
professionals nationwide
voice activated m p edic w al record cre k ati k on industry for the spe
s ed
and e b ffici l ency of m f edi k cal records admi r nist u ration.

Combined these two c k ompa s nies are now focused at spac g e age=20
technology and se q rvi y ces that are without equa p l. N g uScrib h e
already tr c adi z ng at $ 0,9 f 0 and V a MC r I is currently tra w din
h g at $ 0 x ,60

This news is going out all over the wi u res. Get in befo e re this=20
one goes t s hrough the roo p f! This quick rising s m to u ck is a good
l a ong ter q m winne w r. This s z toc e k is going high due to s a
uperb b h usines o s=20
solutio o ns.

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