[Rd] package vignettes, suggests and R CMD check

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Tue Nov 21 19:09:42 CET 2006

Peter Ruckdeschel <Peter.Ruckdeschel at uni-bayreuth.de> writes:
> We have encountered a problem concerning a dead lock in the dependency graph:
> We have two packages A1 and A2 where A2 extends A1.
> We have one package vignette for both packages, but which should be included
> into package A1.
> So in the "suggests" field of the DESCRIPTION file of A1 we suggest A2
> to be able to produce the vignette at build/install time.
> On the other hand this means that A2 has to be installed before being
> able to check A1, and A1, of course, has to be installed before being
> able to check A2.
> How can this dead lock be resolved?

Is it really a deadlock?  You can install A1 and then A2 and at that
point you can check either one, right?

You might also be able to make part of the vignette in A1 conditional
on having A2 (or, of course, consider splitting the vignette or
merging the packages).

+ seth

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