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Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 23 08:53:31 CEST 2007

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007, Denham Robert wrote:

>>> For various reasons,
>> I think it is only courteous to mention some good reasons if you want
> to take up people's time.
> Some of the reasons we would like a cygwin version aren't necessarily
> good reasons.  We have been using cygwin for sometime, mostly to deal
> with scripting in a combined windows/unix environment.  We have a setup
> which allows windows users to run many scripts in the same way as unix
> users.  These scripts are often python or shell scripts.  We have R
> installed on the unix machines, and the system administrators would like
> to be able to have R on windows in the same environment.  This set up
> also means that the administrator can fairly easily maintain the version
> of software used on all user's machines.  Probably this could all be
> managed and still use the native windows version of R, but the
> administrator is familiar with cygwin and they could manage this
> software in the same way they manage other packages.

Yes, it could almost certainly be done with Rterm.exe.

The issue I came across was the so-called 'posix file paths' that Cygwin 
uses.  Most (but not all) Windows programs accept file paths with / as the 
path separator, and most (but not all, e.g. tar) Cygwin programs accept 
paths of the forn c:/path/to/file.  So provided you use that as your
format, interworking with Unix and Unix-like shells work fine.  It used to 
be the case that if you had just one drive C: then Cygwin programs 
produced paths of the form /path/to/file that also worked on Windows.  Now 
they produce /cygdrive/c/path/to/file that works nowhere else.

In general this is a minor nuisance, but I needed to be able to 
cross-build R in an environment where I only have Cygwin-based 
cross-compilers, and there the path issues bit me: I needed a version of R 
that accepted and returned Cygwin-style paths.  So I made the configure 
changes necessary to build R under Cygwin, and had it running in 20 mins.

> We would like to be able to use linux machines on pc's but unfortunately
> we have restrictions imposed on us that prevent this.  This restriction
> also goes as far as the use of virtual machines.  My personal preference
> would be to run linux on my work pc, and use a virtual machine to run
> windows software, such as ArcGIS and Imagine, that are not available for
> linux.  This does not seem to be an option for us.
> One thing I was interested in was knowing if there are others who also
> would like a cygwin version.  From the replies to my post, and from a
> search of the mailing list archive, I think that there is little demand
> for this.  We would, however, be prepared to help in some way for the
> few people who are interested.

As I said earlier, it builds out of the box in R-devel (with suitable 
options documented in the R-admin manual).  No guarantees that it will 
continue to do so unless tested in the alpha/beta phase though.  As no 
other platform we use nowadays requires that shared objects/dynamic 
libraries have all imports satisfied at build time, this is liable to get 

But I would encourage people to use Rterm.exe if it can be made to do what 
you need.

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> Yes,
>> What is the advantage of building this?
> was my question too.  If you want a Unix-like version of R on PC
> hardware running Windows why not run a Unix-like OS under a virtual
> machine?
> Quite a lot of the details are wrong: using FLIBS, BLAS_LIBS and LIBS as
> intended will solve most of the problems.  I would use --disable-nls
> --disable-mbcs as you don't need them (and in particular you don't
> benefit from MBCS support on Windows unless you are in a CJK locale).
> Note that 2.5.1 is released and there is unlikely to be a 2.5.2, so any
> changes would be made only to R-devel.  It there is a convincing case to
> tailor a build for Cygwin there we can probably do so rather easily, but
> the need for ongoing support would be a worry.
> (If platforms are not used and in particular not tested in the
> alpha/beta testing phases then the ability to build on them crumbles
> away.  We seems to be down to regular testers on Linux, Windows, MacOS
> X, Solaris and FreeBSD, with some help on AIX after a patch with none.)
> On Tue, 21 Aug 2007, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
>> Denham Robert wrote:
>>> For various reasons,
> I think it is only courteous to mention some good reasons if you want to
> take up people's time.
>>> it suits our workplace to have a cygwin version of R.  I am pretty
>>> sure that cygwin is still not a supported environment for R, but we
>>> have managed to compile R-2.5.1 under cygwin without too many dramas.
>>> Our procedure is described below.  We still have a few problems
>>> compiling libraries without manually changing files from .so to .dll,
>>> but it seems ok.
>> I would expect other subtle problems as well, because Cygwin is not a
>> normal Unix.  I don't know whether any of these differences matter to
>> R, but some things to look out for are:
>> - you can't unlink a file while it is open
>> - filenames are not case sensitive
>> - file permissions have strange defaults (everything is executable)
>> - I think the executable format still needs to be Windows format
>> - There's no such thing as a ptty
>> - You'll probably need X11 for graphics, and will lose support for
>> Windows metafile output (wmf)
>>> I was wondering whether this information is likely to be useful to
>>> others, and if we should spend any time looking in to ways in which
>>> the configure/build/install code could be modified to allow a
>>> standard install.
>> What is the advantage of building this?  I don't think we want to
>> support platforms just for the sake of supporting more platforms, but
>> if there's a real need for it, that would be different.
>> Duncan Murdoch
>>> Notes on building R under cygwin:
>>> export FFLAGS=-O3
>>> export CFLAGS=-O3
>>> export CXXFLAGS=-O3
>>> export OBJCFLAGS=-O3
>>> export FCFLAGS=-O3
>>> export LDFLAGS='-lblas -lg2c -lintl'
>>> export R_OSTYPE=unix
>>> ./configure --prefix=/opt/freeware/R/R-2.5.1 \
>>> --with-tcl-config=/usr/lib/tclConfig.sh \
>>> --with-tk-config=/usr/lib/tkConfig.sh \ --with-blas=-lblas \
>>> --with-lapack=-llapack \ --enable-R-shlib
>>> comment out Win32 in src/include/config.h and set Unix to 1, change
>>> .so to .dll. change .so to .dll and in Makeconf.
>>> in src/extra/xdr/rpc/types.h comment out defn of malloc.
>>> Change .so to .dll in Makefile's
>>> edit Makeconf and set R_OSTYPE to unix
>>> make -j2
>>> when blas doesn't link, re-run command with -lblas -lg2c on end and
>>> change output to .dll
>>> edit Rstrptime.c and change wcstod to atof.
>>> in modules:
>>> when X11 and internet falls over add -lintl to link line. add -lg2c
>>> and -lblas to lapack
>>> comment out library/base/R/library.R lines 47-51 to avoid arch check
>>> which seems to go wrong!
>>> make -j2
>>> make install
>>> edit  /opt/freeware/R/R-2.5.1/lib/R/etc/Makeconf and add '-lintl
>>> -lg2c -lblas' to the end of ALL_LIBS so the module building works.
>>> Change .so to .dll also (can't see how to to this for the build
>>> tho...)
>>> Our cygwin info is:
>>>              sysname              release              version
>>>      "CYGWIN_NT-5.1" "1.5.20s(0.155/4/2)"  "20060527 19:21:22"
>>> Robert Denham
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