[Rd] Fortran 90 and Windows

Dave Roberts droberts at montana.edu
Mon Dec 17 22:21:11 CET 2007

I have been revising some FORTRAN 77 routines in R packages I have 
previously submitted.  Since R is now using gfortan I experimented with 
some Fortran 90 code (array intrinsics primarily).  So far the code is 
still in F77 fixed format, in files suffixed .f (not .f90), but 
incorporates some F90 constructs.  It has worked fine in linux/R.  I 
tried to follow the thread of previous discussions on this subject, but 
as fast as things are changing, it was somewhat dated, and not too 

I don't so my own Windows versions of packages, but rather rely on CRAN 
to do the conversions, and I don't want to send them code that won't 
work on Windows.  Does anybody have extensive experience on what 
elements of F90 can be used in R packages for Windows?  If R CMD SHLIB 
is happy with it, is it likely to work?

Thanks, Dave
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