[Rd] How to customize the list of exported functions in a shared library

Vladimir Eremeev wl2776 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 10:28:24 CET 2007

Dear R users,

I am writing binding from C library to R.
I use R 2.4.1, windows XP, and MinGW.


set PKG_CPPFLAGS="-I../sources" "-I." 
set PKG_LIBS="-Lc:/mingw/lib" -lfl -liberty

R CMD SHLIB -d --output=Rsnns.dll  [ list of all C sources]

produce the DLL having all defined functions in the export list.
This doesn't satisfy me, as I would like to hide most of defined functions
and export only a couple of functions from the library and interface
functions which I have written in order to call them from R.

The ../sources directory contains also two compiled libraries, created with
If I try to link my DLL with them,  that is

R CMD SHLIB -d --output Rsnns.dll Rsnns.c

desired functions from the library are not exported, export list gets only
interface functions in the C file.

And GCC seems to ignore the .def file, which I create.

Thank you.
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