[Rd] In creating a Windows binary package (zip), how do I make the installation configurable

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Thu Jul 12 19:22:36 CEST 2007

rick.jones at sungard.com wrote:

>I would like to create a binary package for Windows which when
>installed will give the user an option of whether to install
>one version or another.
>Here is the problem, I have a package 'FAME' that can run
>in two different modes on Windows. 
I hope this is a Windows version of the package called fame already on 
CRAN. Otherwise, you need to think of a different name, and it would be 
nice to have versions that work on Sun and Linux, not just Windows.

>An old mode that uses
>R to connect to a remote linux machine 
Just remote linux machines, or does it handle remote Sun machines too? 
Does it handle the endian problem?

>and a new way that
>uses a locally installed database.
>I would allow this decision to be made at run time, but
>the DLL in the later case depends upon the database's DLL
>being on the Windows machine. A runtime solution would 
>require at least one extra level of dynamic loading.
>So I would like something like this to happen:
> the zip file contains fame-local.dll and fame-remote.dll
> when the user selects 'install packages from a zip file'
> the user should be given the option of which DLL 
> should be renamed to 'fame.dll'.
I'm confused.  If you want the user to be able to make a run time 
decision then you can't make this choice at install time can you?  
Should you not be installing both  fame-local.dll and fame-remote.dll 
and then deciding at run time which one to call?  (If this package is 
doing what I think it is doing,  then users would want to make a run 
time choice. Actually, often I would want to use both at run time.)


>Is this possible??
>If so, how would I do it?
>If not, then are there an recommendations for a solution?
>  An alternative I can try is to have 2 separate packages,
>  'fame' and 'fame-remote'.
>Rick Jones
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