[Rd] RSQLite indexing

Marcus G. Daniels mgd at santafe.edu
Tue Oct 23 01:05:10 CEST 2007

Thomas Lumley wrote:
>> How big is your dataset?  SQLite can be slow, but I didn't think it
>> was that slow.
> 350000x100 entries on 12 variables
I had a similar problem a while back and took the opportunity to test 
various RDBMS.   I found that a product called TimesTen from Oracle was 
the fastest, followed by Microsoft SQL server, followed by Oracle 10 
Enterprise with bitmap indicies, followed by Postgres.  RSQLite had 
relatively poor performance and I had trouble persuading MySQL to 
optimize the query at all.   I did not try any column oriented database 
systems like Sybase IQ or Vertica, which should do better for the 
read-oriented workload.

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