[Rd] specifying compiler path in configure

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Aug 27 23:39:22 CEST 2008


On 27 August 2008 at 16:21, Mark Kimpel wrote:
| I'm having trouble building some packages while running Debian Lenny
| (testing) and suspect that the issues are related to the default use
| of gcc-4.3.  With Lenny, build-essentials depends on 4.3, so I'd like
| to leave it installed but have also installed 4.2.1. How do I tell
| ./configure the path to 4.2.1 ? I"m sure it's an option, but I don't
| see it documented in the R-admin manual.

a) That's an r-sig-debian question, so please post there. As a quick hint

   a.1) solve it the Debian way via alternatives: man update-alternatives

   a.2) solve it the standard Unix/GNU way by telling configure what to
        use for CC, CXX, ...  The GNU tools respect those choices.


b) All of Debian's r-cran-* package are built using the most current (ie now
   4.3) compiler; other had done complete archive rebuilds before 4.3 was
   released. The low-hanging fruits (ie easy errors of missing headers etc) 
   have all been addressed.

c) Just to lift the lid a little here, but our Google Summer of Code project
   is coming along just fine, thanks to outstanding work by Charles (the
   student) and now with hardware support from WU Wien which is letting us
   hammer away on Xen instance.  As of right now:

   edd at xmcorsairs:~$ sqlite3 /var/cache/cran2deb/cran2deb.db "select count(package),success from builds group by success;"
   edd at xmcorsairs:~$ r -e'print(1340/(157+1340)*100)'
   [1] 89.51236
   edd at xmcorsairs:~$ 

   89.9% autobuild and we're not quite done yet in terms of adding manual
   translations of SystemRequirements into Debian's Depends:

I suspect a local mishap at your end and invite you to post some details at
r-sig-debian -- I'm sure we get that sorted out.


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