[Rd] rgl.snapshot() on Vista

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Thu Dec 4 19:26:27 CET 2008

  Dear Daniel (and Duncan):

 back in January you reported that you were having trouble saving an rgl
movie on Vista.  I don't know if you ever got that resolved, but a
student of mine is now having a similar problem, not specific to dynamic
graphics (which would have to be a problem outside of rgl anyway).  He
may report more on the symptoms, but essentially rgl.snapshot produces
black or funky output on a simple static image.  rgl.postscript hangs.
I am afraid this might be a generic Vista problem ... I haven't yet
gotten around to rebooting my Linux machine into Vista so that I can
check on it.


  The example we ran would be something as simple as

  ## brings rgl window to top, creates funky gray and white png file
rgl.postscript("test.ps")  ## hangs

  Duncan, do you have any ideas?  Do you have any reports (positive
or negative) from people running rgl.snapshot() on Vista?
RSiteSearch("rgl vista") turned up only this thread ...

    Ben Bolker

Ben Bolker
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