[Rd] Recent snapshot tarballs of R-devel don't compile

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Dec 5 21:12:33 CET 2008

>>>>> "HP" == Hervé Pagès <hpages at fhcrc.org>
>>>>>     on Fri, 05 Dec 2008 10:20:55 -0800 writes:

    HP> Hi Martin, Martin Maechler wrote: [...]
    BDR> Maybe, in which case running tools/link-recommended
    BDR> will fix it.  Works for me with the snapshot mentioned
    BDR> above.
    >> Yes.
    >> But also we know that we don't want to require that from
    >> people working with the tarball.

    HP> Yes, and that's one of the reasons we use these tarballs
    HP> for the Bioconductor build system. They are a little bit
    HP> more convenient than pulling the source from svn.

I've finally found the cause.
Indeed it's been a change to R-devel, on Novemeber 17 I think,
 a "pdf -cleanup"
which breaks  'make vignettes'  which breaks 'distdir' ...

Huhh, finally! ....   so I assume we will have a fix in place
relatively soon.

Thank you, Herve, for you perseverance ;-)

    >> The question remains why the automated build procedures
    >> ... that I have setup and have been running for years,
    >> suddenly fail to put the *.tgz symbolic links into
    >> src/library/Recommended/ as they used to.

    HP> I don't know what OS this procedure is running on but
    HP> maybe 'tar' started to do some strange strings with
    HP> symlinks after an OS update/upgrade...

    HP> Thanks, H.

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