[Rd] symbolic linking to library files

Latchezar (Lucho) Dimitrov ldimitro at wfubmc.edu
Fri Jul 18 04:08:56 CEST 2008

It seems not the whole path /home/guru/Blaster is accessible to the
intended users.

Since guru has read access to the R install dirs why don't you try
putting real Blaster dir there and giving guru the ownership or at least
necessary permissions so that (s)he can really actually install Blaster
there? Just a thought 


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> I handle SysAdmin for a multi-user Linux box, with R 2.7.1 
> compiled and installed to make usee of ACML (Opteron chips). 
> The library files (packages) are installed to 
> /usr/local/lib64/R/library
> Everything works as it should, except for the following. Say 
> I have a user (an R developer) who has developed a package 
> called Blaster. We'll call the user guru. Now,  
> /home/guru/Blaster, contains the needed directory structure 
> to do a normal install (i.e., R CMD INSTALL Blaster), but the 
> user can't write to /usr/local/lib64/R/library. Sure, said 
> user can do a local install, so *he* can use Blaster, but 
> we'd like it so that changes guru makes to Blaster are 
> available to everyone.
> My first simple-minded solution to this was to simply create 
> a symbolic link to Blaster from within 
> /usr/local/lib64/R/library. However, this doesn't seem to 
> work. Invoking library(Blaster) gives an error message about 
> Blaster not being a valid library.
> Apparently, R CMD INSTALL Blaster does something more than 
> simply copy Blaster to the appropriate directory. I did a 
> quick perusual of what I could find online, but I suspect 
> I've missed something - hopefully not too embarassingly obvious.
> Basically, what I'd like to do is create a symbolic link to 
> 'something' that guru creates, from within 
> /usr/local/lib64/R/library, such that (i) Blaster is 
> available to all users on the system, and (ii) any changes 
> Guru makes to his code are automatically available. Is 
> anything like this feasible?
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