[Rd] Packages should not only search for libraries with particular extensions and paths

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 09:05:55 CET 2009

Every time I set up a new machine I find myself needing to circumvent 
the obstructions placed by a few package writers who don't understand 
enough about (compiled code) libraries.

Their mistakes include hardcoding a library extension (.so or .a) 
and/or a set of paths such as

         /usr/lib /usr/local/lib /opt/lib ...

Different OSes do have different conventions, especially where 
multiple architectures co-exist.  (E.g. most but not all x86_64 Linux 
use lib64, and Solaris uses lib/amd64 etc.)  This means that a library 
of the right name but the wrong architecture may be found in, say,

The correct dynamic library extension can be (at least) .so, .sl, 
.dylib or .dll.  (On Darwin aka Mac OS X dynamic libraries and shared 
objects are not the same thing, and can contain one or more 
architectures.)  But really only the linker needs to know that, and 
autoconf's AC_SEARCH_LIBS and similar are a much more reliable test. 
Even if your script finds what looks like a library in a non-standard 
place, it does not mean that either or both of the linker or the 
run-time loader ('ld.so') can find or use it.

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