[Rd] New package test results available

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sat Feb 7 08:22:49 CET 2009

We've added a column at


of test results using the Sun Studio compiler: it is intended that 
these will be updated weekly.

The Sun Studio compiler is that used on Solaris: these runs were on 
the Linux version.  All the other platforms are using gcc 4, so this 
provides an opportunity for checking for use of gcc-specific features 
and also standards conformance (the Sun compilers have a long-time 
reputation for close conformance to the language standards).

There are known problems where packages use C++ or JNI interfaces 
(e.g. rgdal and EBImage) as the libraries and JVM were compiled under 
gcc's conventions (even though a Sun JVMi is used).  About half the 
packages using rJava segfault, which seems to a JNI issue.

Some packages use gcc-specific compiler flags:

   LogConcDEAD Matching amap geometry memisc taskPR

but the vast majority of the errors reported are C++ errors.  One 
class that may not be immediately obvious is the use of C headers in 
C++: you are supposed to write e.g.

#includd <cmath>


#include <math.h>

Symptoms of this can be seen for packages

   BayesTree EMCC MCMCfglmm MarkedPointProcess Matching Matrix
   RQuantlib RandomFields Rcpp SoPhy compHclust dpmix igraph minet
   mixer modeest monomvm multic pcaPP rgenoud robfilter segclust
   simecol subselect

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