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Bengoechea Bartolomé Enrique (SIES 73) enrique.bengoechea at credit-suisse.com
Wed Jan 21 12:18:13 CET 2009


You may find the biocep-R project very useful, it embeds R into Java using JRI. And it goes much further than that, providing an impressive framework from which you can start with a lot of work already done. It's open source, so you can also just have a look at the code for inspiration:


It hasn't been released yet (no documentation) but it's really worth exploring.



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I'm planning to embed R into an application, with the following context:

- This application is written in Java (and managed with maven). I plan  
accessing R using JRI.
- This application must be installable on several plateform (linux, mac  
os, windows).
- The R engine must embed library, some of them having native code in C or  

Does this sound reasonable? I would be very grateful to everyone providing  
links, references, feedback or advice on this question.

Best regards,

Sylvain Loiseau
sloiseau at ens-lsh.fr

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