[Rd] Interrupting R when embedded in Java

Stephan (orcaforge@gtalk) orcaforge at googlemail.com
Mon May 18 21:05:36 CEST 2009

Dear list,

we would like to add support to interrupt R to StatET (the Eclipse
plug-in for R) on any platform. StatET uses JRI of rJava to embed R
into the Java application. But JRI currently supports canceling of R
commands only on Windows. So we are looking for a way to add support
for other platforms too. It is not a specific problem of StatET but of
all JRI based GUIs, e.g. of JGR.

On Windows, JRI sets the flag "UserBreak" to interrupt R. If I
understand the extension manual and postings on this list correctly,
there is no similar easy way on Linux?

The second way to interrupt R supported also on Linux seems to be
sending signals (SIGINT) to the R process. This is tricky in mixed
environment (java + native code), but perhaps it works. The rough idea
is, to enabled reduced usage of signals by Java (argument -Xrs) and
then let R install its signal handlers. I would like to know if
somebody already tried that or the like (with success or with which


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