[Rd] Windows Rdevel version - no Rgui.exe?

Keith Satterley keith at wehi.EDU.AU
Tue Nov 30 07:41:52 CET 2010

Hi Duncan,

just noticed that after installing the Windows R-2.13.0 build there is 
no i386 directory in the R-2.13.0dev/bin directory and hence no 
Rgui.exe. Is this intentional with the devel version?

I downloaded from http://cran.ms.unimelb.edu.au/, where it says:
"This is a combined Windows 32/64 bit binary build of the 2010-11-27 
r53672 development snapshot of R (which will eventually become 
R-2.13.0).". Do you think this is an error on my part or do you see the 
same thing,



Keith Satterley
Bioinformatics Division
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Parkville, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia

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