[Rd] secure password token management method in R

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Dec 18 22:34:01 CET 2011

On 18 December 2011 at 16:16, Simon Urbanek wrote:
| Barry,
| that's a great idea. I have created a package that allows you to read/write passwords to user's keychain:
| http://www.rforge.net/keychain
| So far it uses the Security framework so you'll need a Mac, it but I'm about to add a generic fall-back system (encrypted file on-disk) and possibly the gnome API as well.

If you do, I could try to test it against the KDE variant as well.  Are these
by chance generic "superset" definitions that work with Gnome's and KDE's keyrings?


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