[Rd] requiring NAMESPACE re-installation marked as old.packages?

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Tue Jul 19 10:23:39 CEST 2011

It would be convenient if, under R-devel r56422, packages that require 
re-installation because they do not have a NAMESPACE were marked as 
old.packages, so their lack of functionality can be discovered more easily.

 > "snow" %in% row.names(old.packages())
 > library(snow)
Error in library(snow) :
   package 'snow' does not have a NAMESPACE and should be re-installed
 > install.packages("snow", repos="http://cran.r-project.org")
Installing package(s) into 
(as 'lib' is unspecified)
trying URL 'http://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/snow_0.3-5.tar.gz'
Content type 'application/x-gzip' length 21059 bytes (20 Kb)
opened URL
downloaded 20 Kb

* installing *source* package 'snow' ...
** R
** inst
** Creating default NAMESPACE file
** preparing package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
** building package indices ...
** testing if installed package can be loaded
Warning: running .First.lib() for package 'snow' as .onLoad/.onAssign 
were not found
Error in initDefaultClusterOptions() :
   cannot change value of locked binding for 'defaultClusterOptions'
Error: loading failed
Execution halted
ERROR: loading failed
* removing '/home/mtmorgan/R/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-library/2.14/snow'
* restoring previous 

The downloaded packages are in
Warning message:
In install.packages("snow", repos = "http://cran.r-project.org") :
   installation of package 'snow' had non-zero exit status

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