[Rd] RApache error on RHEL/CentOS

Jeroen Ooms jeroen.ooms at stat.ucla.edu
Sat Jul 23 22:28:40 CEST 2011

I am running RApache (www.rapache.net) on CentOS 5.6 using the R
binary from EPEL. After upgrading to R from 2.12 to 2.13 I am getting
the following error when starting Apache:

Cannot load /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_R.so into server: libgomp.so.1:
shared object cannot be dlopen()ed

I tried rebuilding RApache, but the error remains. Installed are:

R-devel.i386 2.13.0
libgomp.i386 4.1.1-52.el5.2
httpd (apache) 2.2.3
rapache 1.1.4

Has anything changed in R 2.13 that might cause this issue?

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