[Rd] How to disable R's crash prompt

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Tue Mar 8 15:50:38 CET 2011

On Tue, 8 Mar 2011, Wayne.Zhang at barclayscapital.com wrote:

> Dear R devel,
> I have a C++ app that calls into embedded R to perform some analytic 
> calculations.  When my app encounters a segmentation fault, R always 
> prints the following crash prompt and asks me to enter an action:
> *** caught segfault ***
> address 0x8, cause 'memory not mapped'
> Possible actions:
> 1: abort (with core dump, if enabled)
> 2: normal R exit
> 3: exit R without saving workspace
> 4: exit R saving workspace
> The problem is my app will be run in non-interactive mode, so there 
> is no way for me to enter the action.  Is there a way to disable the

R does not do that in 'non-interactive mode'. Take a look at the 
code: that section is conditional on R_Interactive.

> crash prompt and have R simply crash the whole app?  I have tried 
> using "-file=/dev/null", "-slave", "-vanilla", and pretty much all 
> other start options, to no avail.

They do not control if R is interactive: the front-end (yours, I 
presume since you mention embedding but do not otherwise give any 
details) does.

> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Wayne

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