[Rd] Fixing the HDF5 package: the on.exit mystery

H C Pumphrey H.C.Pumphrey at ed.ac.uk
Fri Mar 18 17:49:52 CET 2011

H C Pumphrey wrote:
> H C Pumphrey wrote:
>> I'm trying to fix a subtle bug in the hdf5 package. This package 
>> provides an interfaces to the HDF5 library and hence allows one to 
>> load data into R from files in the HDF5 format. The bug appeared 
>> during a period in which R changed but the package did not. [details 
>> snipped]

> I have fixed the bug in a more crude and obvious manner [...] 

> I will try uploading the package to CRAN at some point, but I think I'll 
> use it myself for a bit to see whether it has any other nasties. If 
> anyone wants to try it in the meantime you can get it at 
> [A URL which was not easy to find :-( ]

 > I'd be particularly interested to know if it can be built on Windows/MacOS
 > and, if not, why not.

Two users report that it installs OK in MacOSX: many thanks.
Two users report that it doesn't build on Windows. Brian Ripley provided fixes 
for this. I have incorporated these and bumped the package version to 1.7.1. 
(I'm afraid I don't know much about building R packages with compiled code on 
Windows: I am grateful for any help that others can provide on this.)

As the link I gave was rather buried in a long web page I have moved it to a 
shorter one that contains only relevant information: 

best wishes



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