[Rd] Namespace dependency not required

Pages, Herve hpages at fhcrc.org
Fri Mar 25 06:53:01 CET 2011


  [hpages at localhost pkgreviews]$ R-2.13 CMD check qrqc_0.99.2.tar.gz
  * using log directory ‘/home/hpages/pkgreviews/qrqc.Rcheck’
  * using R version 2.13.0 alpha (2011-03-24 r55004)
  * using platform: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (64-bit)
  * using session charset: UTF-8
  * checking for file ‘qrqc/DESCRIPTION’ ... OK
  * this is package ‘qrqc’ version ‘0.99.2’
  * checking package name space information ... OK
  * checking package dependencies ... ERROR
  Namespace dependency not required: RColorBrewer

How I (somewhat naively) interpret this is: it is not required
that I have this namespace dependency. In other words, R CMD check
was able to figure out that my package doesn't use anything from
RColorBrewer internally so I don't need to have this
import(RColorBrewer) directive in my NAMESPACE file.

Which is of course not what 'R CMD check' is trying to tell me.

Couldn't the message say something a little bit less misleading
i.e. something like:

  Namespace dependency not in Imports field: RColorBrewer


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