[Rd] tcltk freezing using MS Windows for R-2.14+

Moeltner, Andreas Andreas.Moeltner at med.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Dec 18 11:38:19 CET 2012

R Version 2.15.0/Windows XP

Maybe this will help to identify the problem (I have similar problems with other tcltk-windows, too.)

Inserting some time delay after tktoplevel helps (on my PC):

> test2GUI <- function(){
>     require(tcltk)
>     MainWindow <- tktoplevel()
>     topMenu <- tkmenu(MainWindow)
>     tkconfigure(MainWindow,menu=topMenu)
>     tkgrab.set(MainWindow)
>     tkfocus(MainWindow)


Andreas Möltner

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