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Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini mauricio.zambrano at jrc.ec.europa.eu
Tue Feb 14 18:14:49 CET 2012

On 14/02/12 17:45, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> Have you asked the maintainers of those lists? Or the person who would
> have to do the work to set the list up (Martin Maechler, who is
> currently on vacation, or colleagues at ETHZ)?

No, I haven't done yet, but I'll do it, to know which list is the right 
one for hydrology.

> My suspicion is that there would be too little traffic to make a
> separate list worthwhile to administer. (You might feel so too: list
> administrators end up dealing with a lot of nuisance traffic.)

Probably you are right, and it is worth to wait until the traffic in 
some of those lists be enough to justify a different mailing list.

Thank you very much for your feedback prof. Ripley.

All the best,

Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini

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> On 14/02/2012 16:31, Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini wrote:
>> On 14/02/12 09:36, Rainer M Krug wrote:
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>>> On 13/02/12 17:30, Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini wrote:
>>>> Dear R developers,
>>>> Due to the increasing use R in hydrology and other close-related
>>>> environmental sciences, I would like to ask if it would be possible
>>>> to create a new Special Interest Group mailing list, called
>>>> 'R-sig-hydro', specially devoted those topics. If possible to do
>>>> so, I'd offer myself to maintain such mailing list (if needed).
>>> I think it would be more useful to use the R-sig-geo for that, as
>>> hydrology (please correct me if I am wrong - I am not an expert in
>>> hydrology) is mainly spatial.
>>> A fragmentation of the lists would need to duplicate effort by members.
>> I don't want to duplicate efforts, but I'm not sure about R-sig-geo as
>> the right mailing list for hydrology and close-related environmental
>> sciences.
>> It is true that hydrology has much to do with spatial analysis
>> (interpolation techniques, use of satellite images as input for
>> hydrological models, mapping, etc), but it has also a strong link to
>> time series analysis (trend detection, stationary and non-stationary
>> water quantity and quality modelling, climate change modelling, and a
>> long etc), and probably the latter topics would be considered off-topic
>> in the R-sig-geo
>> Another possibility could be to use the R-sig-ecology, which seems to be
>> more related to hydrology:
>> "analytical techniques and topics that are appropriate for discussion on
>> R-sig-ecology are quite broad. For examples of what might be appropriate
>> for discussion on this list, please see the Environmentrics Task View
>> (http://cran.r-project.org/web/views/Environmetrics.html)"
>> (taken from: https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-sig-ecology)
>> However, I did a quick search on the archives of 'R-sig-ecology' for the
>> year 2011, and I could only found one single mail related to hydrology:
>> https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-ecology/2011-July/002274.html
>> (in the same search I couldn't find any single reference to hydrology in
>> the R-sig-geo during the year 2011)
>> I think the lack of posts related to hydrological sciences in dedicated
>> R-sig-xxx mailing lists is not due to a lack of interest (in the same
>> period I got several questions regarding the hydroTSM and hydroGOF
>> packages), but they may be due to the fact that r-sig-geo or
>> r-sig-ecology are not very intuitive for hydrologists....
>> So, if you think that creating a new mailing list only for hydrology and
>> related sciences could lead to fragmentation of the community and a
>> duplication of efforts, we could start using the 'R-sig-ecology' mailing
>> list.
>> Cheers,
>> Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini

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