[Rd] Replace back slashes with forward slashes?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at prodsyse.com
Wed Feb 29 18:37:51 CET 2012

Hello, All:

       What can people tell me about converting back slashes to forward 
slashes in character strings?

       Several years ago, Prof. Ripley provided a solution, which I lost 
and have not been able to find.

       Below please find a function to do this.  I do not find this very 
satisfactory, however, because it uses "scan" and therefore operates on 
an input not a character string.  Unless someone suggests something 
better, I plan to add this to the "sos" package and issue a new release 
very soon.  (The new release is needed, because the RSiteSearch 
capability has been modified in a way that breaks the current "findFn" 
core of "sos".)


back2forwardslash <- function (nmax = 1, pattern = "\\", replacement = 
"/") {
     x <- scan(what = character(), quote = pattern, nmax = nmax)
     x. <- gsub(pattern, replacement, x, fixed = TRUE)
     paste(x., collapse = " ")

(x <- back2forwardslash())

# nmax must be one more than the number of embedded blanks
(x3 <- back2forwardslash(3))
c:\u\a b\c d

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