[Rd] Linux distribution with gcc 4.8 and AddressSanitizer ?

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 18:19:08 CEST 2013

On 18/04/2013 16:38, Thomas Petzoldt wrote:
> Dear R developers,
> I've got an information from Prof. Ripley regarding a bug found with
> AddressSanitizer in one of our packages. It is now fixed, thank you for
> this information.
> Now, I would like to run AddressSanitizer myself before submitting the
> patched package to CRAN.
> Is there a recommendation of a suitable Linux distribution with gcc 4.8,
> ideally an ISO image or (even better) a virtual appliance for VMware or
> VirtalBox? My Debian Wheezy machines have only 4.7.2.
> Thank you
> Thomas Petzoldt

gcc 4.8.0 has only been released for 4 weeks, so I doubt any released 
distro has it.  Fedora Rawhide (19-to-be) has it, and so I am told does 
Debian experimental.

I compiled gcc myself from the sources, but my sysadmins offered to make 
a Rawhide virtual machine or live DVD for me.

For those who do not know what AddressSanitizer is, see 

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