[Rd] Extending suggestion for stopifnot

ivo welch ivo.welch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 01:49:18 CEST 2013

thx to everyone for having listened to my suggestion and reasoning
through it, even though it won't fly.

maybe, as a last word, let me add a short appeal that is more generic:
 R is a tough programming language for beginners.  anything that
allows a user to request additional error-checking, and/or that makes
it easier and encourages users to write programs that check inputs
would probably get widely used and be welcome by many.  R libraries
are useful, but it's not the same as having these sort of features in
the base language.


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On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 6:56 AM, Geoff Jentry <geoffjentry at hexdump.org> wrote:
>> first, I think it would be more useful if it had an optional character
>> string, so users could write
>>  stopifnot( is.matrix(m), "m is not a matrix" )
> stop() allows for arbitrary strings ....

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