[Rd] how useful could be a fast and embedded database for the R community?

Joan Iglesias joan.iglesias at live.com
Thu Dec 25 12:43:34 CET 2014

> > I'm sorry, but I cannot show code.
>  Then can you stop using the word "release". To release means to let
> something go, preferably out into the wild. I can't even find a binary
> "release" on that site. Call it the first "version" if you want, but
> not "release". I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering where this
> "release" is downloadable in some form.

I'm not a English speaker, maybe I did not use the word appropriately. 

> > For the moment, this project is not open
> > source, it has costs a lot of effort, and first of all, I have to find a way
> > to recover the investment. If I find a way to recover the investment,
> > compatible with an open source way of business, the project will be open
> > source, but first of all, I have to find the "way".
>  You say the "Open Spartacus" project [http://www.openspartacus.org/]
> from which VulcanDB came failed "Due to the lack of funding". What was
> your personal relationship with that project? In what way, apart from
> in name, was that "Open"? I can't find source code or binary releases.
> Just a fancy single-page website with *all* the buzzwords. Does this
> failure not teach you anything?

The project it was too complex, and I couldn't find here in Spain close collaborators or interests, or at least not enough. Anyway I'm not going to tell the whole history, here is not the right place. And yes, my intention with the other project was to be "open source", but not specially focused in R.

And because I learned something with the failure, I take the best algorithms developed for this project, and I made a project of "my size" and "my resources", that it was what I learned. 

>  The R project and its leading lights are very proud of the open
> nature of R, and so you will be talking to strong proponents of open
> source software here. You've presented a project with no source or
> binary release, no documentation, no API or specification, nothing. No
> more than vapourware ever gives us. And then....

The version of the code I tested, it was only a version for benchmarking, with the implementation of seek, insert, and join. If you know little bit about key/value databases, you do not need much documentation to understand what do insert and seek. Join, it not a usual function in a key/value database, and if you have a better look, it is explained in more detail. 

I cannot present anything, because the algorithms costed a lot of time to be distilled, and for the moment I'm not going to publish it, unless until I could be quite sure I can get some "profit" in some way. And the first release or version is not usable for anybody, unless you want to do benchmarks. 

> > Please, you can check the benchmark of the first release. There are not a
> > lot of information about the benchmark, because as I said before, some
> > information is sensitive to be published, for the moment.
>  ... you ask *us* to check *your* benchmark? How? We have no idea
> exactly what you tested, and benchmark comparisons *depend* on that.

The numbers I presented talk by themselves, if you have tested, or checked other benchmarks of other database. If not, of course no meaning. That was my mistake: I'm used to the numbers of most of the databases, and maybe I supposed most of people are used too. 

> > Of course, I would like this project to be open source, but if has to find
> > "the way", and ideas are welcome!
>  Release early, release often. The only way other R users are going to
> be interested is to see the source, or at the very least to see the
> proposed API and be able to discuss this. I think you will find few
> friends here until you do. Otherwise I suggest you jazz up your
> benchmarks into a pseudo-technical paper with some 3d bar graphs and
> wave it under the noses of idiot venture capitalists until one of them
> throws some money at you. Good luck!

right now, I do not need venture capital, because as I said before, it has a size affordable by me. I only wanted to know in which fields it could be more useful, and I do not discard this project to become open source, but it depends on my economy, and the final way I'll find to make business. Right now my economy is not good, and I have to be sure I'll get some profit of my work 

As someone of the forum suggested me, it's not necessary to continue talking about this topic I do not want to waste your time. I answered because I thought it was necessary, due to the "tone" of the reply.

> Barry
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