[Rd] suggestion for "sets" tools upgrade

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Sun Feb 9 14:07:51 CET 2014

No, I wasn't, so thanks for pointing me to that package.  I think I'll 
still post my new toys, because "sets"  fails the "obvious for dummies" 
test.  I looked at the documentation, and while it's clearly a very 
powerful collection of functions, it's not obvious exactly what the 
family of "cset_*" tools do or don't do.
The stuff I'm writing is,  I hope :-), much easier to learn and remember 
for the casual or occasional user.   De gustibus non disputandum applies 


On 2/9/14 4:38 AM, Kurt Hornik wrote:
>>>>>> Carl Witthoft writes:
>> Thanks to Duncan and all who responded.
>> I agree that the algebraic set rules do not allow for indistinguishable
>> elements;  I must have been deeply immersed in quantum fermions when I
>> wrote "strictly" rather than "less" in front of "algebraic style.
>> I'll clean up my code (so that intersect() remains symmetric, among
>> other things) , and submit as a separate package to CRAN.
>> Carl
> Btw, you are aware of the "sets" package on CRAN (which does the
> multisets I think you were asking for)?
> Best
> -k


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