[Rd] Where to put package vignettes

Guillermo.Vinue at uv.es Guillermo.Vinue at uv.es
Thu Feb 20 12:19:19 CET 2014

Dear R-devel list,

My name is Guillermo Vinué. I have created an R package that includes a
vignette. Earlier on, to test my package, I tried to install it both in
Linux and Windows and it worked. My vignette was in /inst/doc.

Now, I have finished for good and before submitting my package to CRAN
I've tried to install it again first in Linux and then in Windows (I
removed that first installation some time ago).

My package was succesfully installed in Linux (Fedora 18 and R 2.15.2)
and the vignette was available. However, when trying to install it in
Windows (R 3.0.2), unfortunately the vignette didn't appear. My vignette
is build with knitr. 

In fact, if I first install the package on Windows, the vignette is
accesible, but then in Linux, not.

I have read that as from R 2.14.0 the preferred location for the Sweave
sources is the subdirectory vignettes of the source packages, but for
compatibility with earlier versions of R, vignette sources will be
looked for in inst/doc if vignettes does not exist.

Where do I have to put my vignette so that it could be available with
any installation and which files (.Rnw or .pdf) should be included?. 

I hope you can clarify my doubts. I have seen the collection of prior
postings to the list, but I have not found a specifical answer to my doubts .

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


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