[Rd] creating namespaces outside packages

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 12:58:56 CET 2014

On 28/03/2014, 7:01 AM, Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to use namespaces outside packages, but I could not find
> any references on how to do it (only a thread [1] which says "use a
> package"). Using a package is not possible in my case, as I am passing
> variables from org-mode / emacs to R and would like to avoid name
> clashes. This is a dynamic process, and each time the code is evaluated,
> the variable can be different.
> I am putting them at the moment into an environment which is locked, but
> I would like to avoid name clashes, so the idea of using environments.
> So: is there a way to create a namespace and populate it as I can do
> with an environment?

I don't know what you think is the difference between a namespace and an 
environment.  I would say a namespace is one of the environments 
associated with a package, i.e. it's just an environment in a particular 

So depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it may be fine to 
just set up an environment.  Why do you think that won't work?

Duncan Murdoch

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