[Rd] gsl package on mavericks

robin hankin hankin.robin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 22:58:02 CEST 2014


I maintain the gsl R package, and many users have recently reported that
the package
does not install from source under macosx 10.9 ("mavericks").

Users typically install the gnu GSL library and are able to compile and run
a small "hello world" program which executes some of the Bessel functionality
of the library; but under mavericks the configure script (which uses
gsl-config as a probe) does not seem to detect which version of the
installed library is, giving a "Need GSL version >= 1.12" error.  The most
recent version of the gnu GSL library is 1.16.

The CRAN package check page shows that the gsl R package is clean under
every other architecture.

There is a thread on stackoverflow about this very issue:


where several people post either workarounds or suggestions.  However, it
is not clear whether there is some defect in the configure.ac script, or
the problem is due to mavericks, or it might even lie in newer versions of
the gnu GSL library.

The package gsl_1.9-10.tar.gz  installs correctly from source for me on my
system, macosx 10.9.4, R-3.1.1, GSL-1.16, so it is difficult for me to
investigate users' reports.

Can anyone advise?

Robin Hankin
Neutral theorist
hankin.robin at gmail.com

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