[Rd] mpi.h errors on Mavericks packages

Daniel Fuka drf28 at cornell.edu
Sat Oct 4 01:17:27 CEST 2014

Dear mac folks,

I have started porting a large legacy toolset maintained in windows
and heavily mpi laden so it can be used across platforms in R... so I
am building a package out of it. On this note, I am noticing that
almost all of the mpi dependent packages do not compile on the CRAN
repositories.... with the basic issue that it appears it can not find
mpi installed:

configure: error: "Cannot find mpi.h header file"

I do not see any chatter about mpi issues in the lists since the
inception of mavericks.. and possibly this question should go to
Simon.. but in case I missed a discussion, or if anyone has any
suggestions on how to proceed, or what might be missing from the Rmpi,
npRmpi, etc. packages for compilation on Mavericks, it would be
greatly appreciated if you could let me know.. and maybe I can help
fix the other packages as well.

Thanks for any help or pointers to guide me!

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