[Rd] [R logs] Help in develop a simply logs package

DataK - B. THIEURMEL bt at datak.fr
Tue Oct 7 13:04:34 CEST 2014


With the use of R in production, it is necessary to have a system of 
logs effective, and light.

Package exist as to futile.logger, but it require the additional coding 
of logs. So it is thus impossible / very difficult to use it with all 
package them used in the calculation

Our idea is to develop one packages global, simple, who would allow to 
identify all the errors, warning, message generated by the functions 
stop(), warning() and message() stop as well as by signals and 
internally code, with log levels configurable later by package, 

One way is to overwrite temporarily the functions stop(), warning() and 
message() of base package, but I think is not a good thing, and 
furthermore, we lose all signals and internally "message"...

A good use of options(error) seems to do the perfect job, but only for 

Our problem / question :
- At present, how it is possible to have the same features for messages 
and warnings? (like options(errors)) (I don't find...)
- Would new options be possible in a near future R ?
- Have there better / other possibilities to handle all the warnings, 
message of the way which we wish?

Hope is clear. Open to any suggestions.

Thank you in advance

Benoit Thieurmel
+33 6 69 04 06 11

46 rue Amsterdam - 75009 Paris

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