[Rd] Help finding source of warnings

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu.ac.at
Sun Jan 18 15:27:00 CET 2015

>>>>> Prof J C Nash (U30A) writes:

> I've been implementing a wrapper to the 2011 Fortran version of 
> L-BFGS-B. In optim(), R uses a C translation of a Fortran version (the 
> version number does not appear to be documented by the original 
> authors). The authors of the original Fortran code have updated it and 
> published the reasons in ACM TOMS due to inefficiencies and a bug.

> In running the checks on the resulting package (which is on R-forge 
> under the optimizer project), I'm getting a number of warning messages 
> of the type

> Warning in file.copy(file.path(.Library, pkg, "DESCRIPTION"), pd) :
>    problem copying /usr/lib/R/library/mgcv/DESCRIPTION to 
> /tmp/Rtmp0kkeHo/RLIBS_1214765d1c5f/mgcv/DESCRIPTION: No such file or 
> directory

> which reference DESCRIPTIONs for a number of packages other than the one 
> being checked -- here mgcv -- and which are not referenced in my package 
> as far as I can determine.

> Possibly unrelated, when I run the code on a problem, it works for one 
> run, then gives a NAMESPACE error and failure on the second try. Apart 
> from this, checks and unit tests appear to work correctly.

> Does anyone have pointers where I might find some ideas on the origin of 
> the issue(s)? I suspect the warning messages are not particularly 
> indicative of the source of the warnings, but that I have some subtle 
> glitch in the setup and call to the Fortran.

> I suspect this is not platform dependent, but I'm running Linux Mint 
> 17.1 (ubuntu derivative), and  R 3.1.2.

John: maybe you did not install the recommended packages?
(On Debian, the corresponding package would be r-recommended.)


> Cheers, JN

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