[Rd] Fwd: Re: RSiteSearch, sos, rdocumentation.org, ...?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at prodsyse.com
Sat Dec 17 22:44:51 CET 2016

Hi, Jonathan:

       Thanks for letting us know.  I can't imagine that the 
unavailability of RSiteSearch would be more than an inconvenience.

       When you get time, I'd like to know more about what you know 
about how it was hacked, the host operating system, any anti-virus / 
Internet protection software that failed and anything you think might 
reduce the risk of a repeat in the future.

       Best Wishes,
       Spencer Graves

On 12/17/2016 2:32 PM, Jonathan Baron wrote:
> Spencer and others.
> I am going to have to take down the server for RSiteSearch, which is
> finzi.psych.upenn.edu, for at least a couple of days starting Sunday
> morning. It has been hacked. And I have another server that has also
> been hacked, which is higher priority (sjdm.org). On Monday, I will
> probably have time to rebuild that one, but I may not have time to
> rebuild finzi for another week. I will try to get it all done in one
> day, but I don't know if I can.
> Sorry about this.
> I thought that there was an alternative to this site, namely
> http://rdocumentation.org/
> but, as bad is my site is, that one, I think, is worse.
> Jon

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