[Rd] Fwd: Re: RSiteSearch, sos, rdocumentation.org, ...?

Jonathan Baron baron at upenn.edu
Sat Dec 17 21:32:24 CET 2016

Spencer and others.

I am going to have to take down the server for RSiteSearch, which is
finzi.psych.upenn.edu, for at least a couple of days starting Sunday
morning. It has been hacked. And I have another server that has also
been hacked, which is higher priority (sjdm.org). On Monday, I will
probably have time to rebuild that one, but I may not have time to
rebuild finzi for another week. I will try to get it all done in one
day, but I don't know if I can.

Sorry about this.

I thought that there was an alternative to this site, namely
but, as bad is my site is, that one, I think, is worse.


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