[Rd] problem submitting R bug; bug plotting in tiling window manager

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 02:04:47 CET 2016

You posted a bug report, but it had no content other than "til".  That's 
what many abusers of the system have done, so you were blocked.

I have read the first line of your bug report, and it says " I'm not 
sure if this is a bug with i3 or R ".  If you're not sure if it's a bug 
or not, then please post to R-devel.  That's a moderated list so if this 
is your first post, it may take a while to appear.

This probably seems unreasonable to you, but a lot of abuse is sent to 
the bug list, so we block it quite early.  I'll unblock you now, but 
please don't post there again unless your discussion on R-devel 
indicates this is a problem with R rather than i3.

Duncan Murdoch

On 05/02/2016 7:26 PM, frederik at ofb.net wrote:
> Dear Dirk Eddelbuettel and Duncan Murdoch,
> Thank you for your work on the wonderful R project!
> I recently attempted to submit a bug with your Bugzilla interface:
> https://bugs.r-project.org/bugzilla/enter_bug.cgi
> I created an account, typed in all my information, first checking
> details with another project. Then I clicked submit, and was taken to
> a web page with a big red banner, it said
>      Spammer
>      If you believe your account should be restored, please send email to explaining why.
> What a hostile thing to say to your users! I tried resubmitting my
> bug, but removing any links, and I still get the message - so it looks
> like my account has really been blocked. Please do something to warn
> your users about this so they can avoid the upset.
> Well, I don't know what it means to "email to explaining why", so I
> tried to subscribe to R-devel. However, it's been ten minutes and no
> confirmation email. So I tracked down your email addresses from the R
> website. I'm still cc'ing r-devel.
> I hope it is OK to send the bug by email. I really want to get back to
> what I was doing, but I don't want to lose the work I put into writing
> this bug report, so I'm attaching it to this message.
> Thank you,
> Frederick Eaton

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