[Rd] as.vector in R-devel loaded 3/3/2016

Jeff Laake - NOAA Federal jeff.laake at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 3 16:23:38 CET 2016

I just installed R-devel to check my package before submitting.  I got an
error in my vignette in regards to as.vector.  When I looked at the code
for as.vector in R-devel it is

standardGeneric for "as.vector" defined from package "base"

function (x, mode)
<environment: 0x0918ad70>
Methods may be defined for arguments: x, mode
Use  showMethods("as.vector")  for currently available ones.

The code from R3.2.3 is
> as.vector
function (x, mode = "any")
.Internal(as.vector(x, mode))
<bytecode: 0x02dfb858>
<environment: namespace:base>

Is default for mode missing as I suspect or will mode be required from now

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